Can I stay at Home?


Over the years, I have spoken to countless women who were either thinking about or had made the decision to stay at home.  I conducted this research ahead of making the choice to give up my career in social work and stay home with our three children.   I took the plunge and six years later I am meeting women who are asking similar questions.  I would like to use this forum to answer some of the issues that I know is in the hearts of many women.

Giving up a career or a job is not a simple or straightforward decision for many.  From reading books, blogs and relating to women in many spheres, economic factors seem to be the number one reason the decision needs a lot of thought and research.

Influencing factors:

  1. Can I afford to stay at home?
  2. Will I lose vital skills that will make me redundant in the workplace?

Similarly, there are many reasons why women are seeking solutions that will enable them to stay at home.

  1. Many choose to stay at home due to the ages of their children; the children are young, and many women would like to spend more time with their children during the early years.
  2. Some would like to homeschool.
  3. Women choose to stay home or work part-time in order to be available to their children after school.  
  4. The list is not exhaustive, the reasons are endless why people make the decision to be a stay at home mother.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to be at home would like to help by presenting practical solutions to aid in navigating this important decision.  We will provide up to date information, practical solutions, current research and legislation that will be of benefit and hopefully make the decision easier.




Author: Joanna

I have been a stay at home mom for the last six years. Since then I have worked freelance in social work education, and I have also worked from home doing customer service for a large utility company. I am a trained counsellor and currently offer online and telephone counselling. Two months ago completed my first book. I gave up a well-paid job in addictions to homeschool my children. Notwithstanding, I have always had to work and as such have successfully sought out various working from home opportunities. I would like to share my experience with others who are about to embark on the challenge of staying at home or those who are at home and are wondering how can I earn.

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